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Since our foundation in 1973 we've build up one of the largest & unique catalogues out there. Our suppliers from all over the world house titles from every genre: LP's, 12”, 7”, and CDs.


1973 Rockhouse brick and mortar store Amsterdam
1980 Rockhouse label
1992 Start mailorder
1996 Online - Rockhouse, CDexpress, Vinylexpress
2016 Relaunch VinylExpress platform


About Vinyl Express

The foundation of Vinyl Express can be traced back to 1973, with the Rockhouse record store in Amsterdam. After a couple of decades, the digital revolution and the revival of vinyl (although you know vinyl never really left), it was time for some improvements. Which is why our mission is to create and online environment where music collectors and local record stores come together. A place where you can buy both new vinyl and older gems from records stores you are not able to visit because of the distance between you and the store.

These many different record stores are situated all over the world, but are connected through our database, where they can be browsed conveniently. We believe these catalogues deserve a broader public, so decided to redesign the VinylExpress platform. We now help record stores clean-up their data and making their products more accessible to a larger audience. To you. From new cuts, to used records and cheap bargains or specific subgenres; browse Vinyl Express’ digital record store and find the records you’re hunting down.

If you can’t find a specific record, don’t worry! Like in a physical record store, we’re here to help you find what you’re looking for. So start digging, browse & compare, and let us know what you think!

Sincerely yours,

VinylExpress - for music lovers, by music lovers.



With online record digging, delivery and shipping costs can surprise you most of the time. Since the records in our catalog are scattered across the globe, this could make things more complicated. We’re currently working on ways to make shipping more transparent. We want you to know where the vinyl records in our store come from so that you’ll have an indication on what the shipping costs and delivery time will be beforehand, and not right at the checkout.

Additionally, we’re able to make certain orders relatively cheap in shipping costs. If you’ve ordered records that need to be shipped from the United States to Europe (or vice versa), we’ll cumulate the records of different orders first, so that they can be sent at a cheaper cost rate. This means you don’t have to pay double the original price of the record because of the shipping fee.

This does, however, come with a small trade-off. We want you not paying too much for your black wax by trying to keep the shipping costs low. As we’re all familiar with the phrase ’Time is money’, so does this apply to this situation. Since we’re collecting multiple orders before shipping them (across longer distances), the delivery time might be longer than normal.

This isn’t always the case, but in some instances this could happen, and we want you to understand why your vinyl records might take longer to arrive at your doorstep than you’d expect. But we also realize that you, as a true collector, care more about the product and its care than the instant gratification. You know in the long term this small trade-off is worth it. This makes ordering records at Vinyl Express one of the cheapest in the game in terms of additional costs like shipping.

Because our database consist of local record stores from all across the globe, we have titles that you cannot find elsewhere online. We’re making the catalogues of these record stores available to a wider audience by bringing them together in one place.



Safe & Sound Shipping

Nothing is more disappointing then receiving the records you’ve been waiting for with exciting anticipation in an unhealthy state. Through our own experience we’ve noticed that between the moment you’ve placed an order and receiving it at your doorstep, a lot of things can go wrong. Especially when buying second hand vinyl records, shipping can cause harm to the black gold you’re waiting on to give a spin. Vinyl Express makes sure the parcel is well secured. Orders that reach you straight from the supplier have to go through our safe-and-sound shipping test, meaning that they don’t leave until they’re secure enough to travel safely to you.



Why are records more accessible?

It takes a lot of time and effort for record stores to list their catalog online. Time and effort owners could’ve dedicated to their stores itself. Generally speaking, it takes 3 minutes to list a single record. If record store workers want to list their entire catalog, you could imagine how much time this’d take. Because of our algorithm, we’re able to upload their catalog products in bulk to our store with more ease. So we’re helping both sides of the same coin: You’ll be presented with records that are hard to find elsewhere, and the local record stores have an additional way of showcasing their records to a new audience. This is also the reason why you’ll find that our database will be updated frequently with new (and older used) titles.