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Since our foundation in 1973 we've build up one of the largest & unique catalogues out there. Our suppliers from all over the world house a combined total of 4 million titles from every genre: 12”, 7”, and CDs.



1973 Rockhouse brick and mortar store Amsterdam
1980 Rockhouse label
1992 Start mailorder
1996 Online - Rockhouse, CDexpress, Vinylexpress
2016 Relaunch VinylExpress platform


Dear music lover, 

Since our foundation in 1973 we've built up one of the largest & unique catalogues out there, consisting of catalogues of local record stores from all over the world.  

We believe these catalogues deserve a broader public, so decided to redesign the VinylExpress platform. We now help record stores clean-up their data and list their products to a larger audience. To you.

Looking for new or used, bargains, specific genres? Browse our online record store for albums or releases you've been looking for so badly. When ordered, these items will be shipped from somewhere in the world, straight to your home!

So start digging, browse & compare, and let us know what you think! 


Sincerely yours, 

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