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What vinyl means to our customers

What vinyl means to our customers

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Vinyl isn't just music. It's an experience.

Vinyl has always offered a more intimate experience. The large format feels more substantial and turns the design of the cover and the inserts into satisfying artworks. There's something wonderfully interactive about putting on a record, listening to a side, and then flipping it over to hear the other side. It makes the listening experience something in which you are constantly physically and emotionally involved. It's social, and fun, a far cry from the passive aural experience of digital.

Vinyl can be fragile, yes, among other imperfections. But those end up being part of its charm. Older records warp, needles wobble on their surface and skip over scratches. This also turns records into nostalgia factories. And so do our customers think. Why we exist? Because of them:

“Vinyl is experiencing music. You don’t put on vinyl while you jog or in the car. You put on a record to experience it, not to supplement another experience. Vinyl sounds better, but it also feels better.”

“If I listened to them I would imagine it would be satisfying to put the needle down on the record and hear the music coming from an understood and physical medium. The interaction.”“You can’t hold, look at or admire an MP3.”

“It’s an active experience. You get to shut off the world for a while and focus on a single record."

"I love vinyl because it is expensive, inconvenient, inflexible, outdated, fickle, easily damaged, inconsistent and awkward. Playing and collecting vinyl takes *effort*. Good music is worth taking trouble over."

"let's play a side. flip it. hear the other."

Why do you love vinyl? Let us know!